Email List Management Everything you need in one place

Manage your newsletters, email lists, transactional emails.


Unlimited SMTP servers

Support for multiple delivery services, including Amazon SES, SendMail, Mailgun etc.

Responders & Automation

Follow up with your users after they signup or after sending them a campaign

Extremely Customizable

Create email templates or customize your forms by loading your own CSS and JS files

List Maintenance

Automatic bounce processing, blacklist engine and feedback loop support for your lists

Frequently asked questions

What is

List Manager is an email marketing application you can use to manage ALL the email marketing needs for your business /website.

Why should I use List Manager?

Our platform is packed with great features you won't find anywhere else, making your job easier, faster, with better results.

Do I have to use List Manager's delivery server?

No. Depending on your package, you will be able to add external delivery servers while using our powerful list management options.

What delivery servers can I add?

You can add your own SMTP servers or use external services like Amazon SES, Pickup Directory, Mandrill, MailGun, SendGrid, MailJet, SendinBlue and many others.

What's your policy on SPAM?

We believe in a SPAM free world and all our partners are required to respect the law. Being CAN-SPAM compliant is a must and it is easily achieved. Users have the possibility to permanently block their email address from receiving any email from List Manager customers for the foreseeable future.

Can I use third-party email lists?

If you must, then yes. You must ensure that the data owner has obtained the consent of the individuals on the list for their email addresses to be passed on to data users so that they can send them unsolicited email marketing communications. After that, you can setup your own delivery servers and use List Manager just for managing the lists.

Report SPAM

If you believe one of our customers is sending you unsolicited and or spam email, please report it immediately.
We'll make sure that will never happen again!


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Report SPAM

If you think one of our clients is sending UCE, Report SPAM

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